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Lucky cat wins a Million Dollar Lottery Scratch Off Game

A little earlier in the day this cat who was feeling lucky walked to the local stationery store with a few dollars in its paw. As soon as it entered the store, it jumped up on the counter and handed the money over to the cashier and asked for a Feline Lucky Million Dollar lottery scratch off game, and then proceeded to go back home with the scratch off game.

The cat found a quiet spot to sit down and took out its very own good luck coin and proceeded to scratch off the lottery card. The anticipation built with each successive scratch of the card. The first million dollar illustration of a treasure chest appeared, and then a second one appeared! The cat was down to scratching off the last hidden spot on the card. The cat gave out such a big cry of joy when the third and matching treasure chest graphic appeared, this lucky cat had just won a million dollar lottery scratch off game!

When asked what it might do with the winning money, the millionaire cat had mentioned it had always fancied having a boat from which it could ride the waves and find a spot on the water to fish all day from.

Source of Photo: - Photo by Kadres