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Our directory of feline web sites are for people who love felines! The directory of cat web sites covers a wide range of feline related topics such as feline behavior, information on feline breeds both domestic and wild, personal web sites on felines, feline issues, feline products and services and much more.

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Cat Associations

The International Maew Boran Association - A cat association based out of Bangkok, Thailand that is active in preserving and promoting the native born cat breeds of Thailand.

Feline Stamps and Philatelic Items

Cat Stamps web site - A web site for collectors of domestic and wild cat stamps to share information and images of Cat related stamps and philatelic items.

Miscellaneous Cat Web Sites

Neko Luxury Cat Hotel - A luxurious cat hotel located in Bangkok Thailand which can be a second home for cats while their owners spend their vacation travelling around.

Wild Cat Species

Cheetah Spot - Facts and information about Cheetahs.