Orange tabby feline cat taking a rest Fiona and Keely two sister cats with sunlit ears Maine Coon Kittens

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CAT STAMPS WEB SITE FOR COLLECTORS OF CAT STAMPS is a purrfect web site for stamp collectors who are interested in collecting postage stamps and other philatelic items that relate to both domestic and wild cats.

Cat stamp collectors around the World that share a common interest on cat and feline postage stamps are invited to share images of their cat related stamps and participate in adding new content to the Cat Stamps web site.

Collectors of cat stamps can also add their own checklists of cat stamps for other collectors to view and also have the chance of joining the mailing list to communicate with other cat stamp collectors.

On there is also a Web Links page that contains a list of of cat stamp related web sites and resources of information pertaining to both domestic and wild cats.

The Cat Stamps web site can be visited at